Since you're here, I'm going to ask for donations. 

I'd like to thank you all for the support you have given me dating back to 2012 when I first created the infamous The Shebeen Blog. I really appreciate it. You guys are the only reason I keep this going.


Support from you encourages me to continue to regularly bring you new and better content. As you're already aware, I am independent which means that everything on this website is not influenced by advertisers. No one edits Sugar Dick Dupree and no one influences my opinion. Donations from you will inspire me to continue bringing exciting content to you without having to write articles promoting certain products (I have never done that but I have been offered 'product placement articles' on numerous occasions).


Sugar Dick Dupree


Website hits aren't a problem at all. It's just that so many of you visit this blog on a daily basis such that GoDaddy forces me to upgrade to a more expensive plan (more memory and more resources), and because the adverts don't make any real money (mainly because advertising companies do not pay much for black adult content for some reason), I pretty much have to pay quite a lot of money out of my pocket just to keep this blog online. Donations would also aid with purchasing good apps for the blog because all the apps I use are the free versions with limited capabilities. 



If you enjoy this blog and like it, please help make sure that it's future is much more secure by making a small donation. That way, you can support maintenance of this blog as well as the ladies edition blog which is run by Adina Shebeen and Rudo Muti (CLICK HERE).

It only takes a minute. Email for PayPal donations



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