First and foremost, make sure you always carry a spare set of sandals because things can get pretty bad. Trust me.

Here is what you need to know about high heels.

· Don’t start out with super high heels. it’s better to start out a little smaller. They don’t have to be full on kitten heels but try to keep the heel 3 inches or shorter.

· The chunkier/thicker the heel= the easier to walk in

· Don’t be scared of platform heels. while they might look intimidating, they’re actually more stable and easier to wear as opposed to your standard heel because
(a) there’s less incline and your toes are closer to your heel and
(b) even if they’re high, the heels tend to be chunkier, so you have more support.

· Heels aren’t the most comfortable shoes in the world but if your foot hurts as soon as your put them on, DO NOT buy them.

· When it comes to heels, it’s always better to size up than to size down. When in doubt, opt for a larger size.

· When walking on a flat surface, always remember to walk heel to toe, one foot in front of the other.

· S.L.O.W.D.O.W.N. you might think you can run in heels, but you probably can’t even power walk. Take smaller steps and walk a little slower than usual.

· Practice. Walk around your house in heels for a while to get the hang of it.

· Whenever you have the opportunity to sit down, do so.

· Avoid walking on grass. If in some case you absolutely have to walk on it, try to focus your weight on your toes; almost like you’re trying to tip toe. Your heel should still touch the ground, but lightly.

· Avoid walking on cobblestone or any other sidewalk that is uneven or has cracks in it at all costs.

· When going up stairs, tilt sideways a bit. This way you’ll be able to put your entire foot on each stair and you have a less of a chance of tumbling down. Also, hold onto the handrail at all times.

· If you have to stand for a while, switch putting your body weight from one foot to the other. This way you’ll be able to give each foot a break and it’s less painful.

· Use cushion and gel insoles, they’ll make your heels a little more comfortable and you’ll be able to wear them for longer periods of time. It doesn’t matter what brand, you could even get the cheap ones; they don’t have to be fancy.

· Once again, always have a cute pair of sandals or flats on hand in case shit gets real because it can get really painful and you'll be forced to take the heels off. When that happens, you do not want to walk around in bare feet.

Angelica (Guest)