"Hie Sugar Dick Dupree, please tell me, what would happen If I were to smear some Vicks on my man's dick? I want him to have a tingling feeling. I heard it's good and men love it. Thanks"

SDD's response. Your man will definitely get a tingling feeling. Bwa ha ha! Sweetheart, NEVER EVER do that shit because it HURTS like crazy!! It's BURNS like hell and it feels as if your dick is on fire. Nothing will happen to the skin but it feels like someone's squeezing the dick really hard and it's about to explode. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS AT ALL! Whoever told you that Vicks works either doesn't know what she was talking about or she doesn't like you at. I know a lot of you women give each other tips but the truth is most of those tips are untested or they simply don't work.

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How do I know? Because I tried it a few years ago just before I masturbated. I ended up not masturbating that week. I cried and it hurt for hours. The pain didn't seem to go away. I thought my dick was damaged for good. Vicks is designed to remain on the chest throughout the night so it was not easy to rub off. The more I tried to rub it off, the more it hurt. I tried washing it with hot water,  wiping it off with a hot towel and even tried to wash it off with lemon mixed with warm water.  nothing worked. I was going crazy.

Dont Put Vicks On Your Dick

Vicks and genitals must never mix.  Don't put Vicks on your dick! You should never allow anyone to smear your pussy with that shit. It should never go anywhere near the genitals for any reasons whatsoever. It won't treat any infections either in or around your genitals.

I also wouldn't recommend mints or anything along those lines because those things can be quite harsh on the dick/pussy.