This is based on my own imaginations and of course things I have seen during sex. By the way, exhaust is the slang term I use for asshole.

She starts to act weird as you get close to the exhaust and you can see that she has thousands of thoughts running through her head. She starts panicking and hyperventilating on the inside but pretends to be calm on the outside.




Anyway, this is what a woman thinks of when you go near her exhaust.

Here goes.

1). Fuck! Did I take a shit before or after bathing? My goodness, I hope it's clean. Shit shit shit!

2). I hope there aren't any tissues stuck there because I will just die of embarrassment today. This is why I need to start using wet wipes.

3). Shit! I should have bathed just before I came here instead of bathing early in the morning. Now all that walking I did, and that little jog from earlier..I'm sure my exhaust is stinking by now. Why was I walking so fast anyway? I was sweating too. Ahh yaas, I have learnt my lesson today. is taking donations. Click here.

4). Calm down, act normal and maybe he will forget about playing with the exhaust. If I make a scene about it, he will definitely want to play with it because guys act like babies. Just keep quiet.

5). I hope he doesn't stick his finger there otherwise I'll kill him. Please don't stick a finger.


What She Thinks Of When You Go Near Her Exhaust


6). What the hell is he still doing back there? Is he just looking at it? What has he seen? Why is he taking ages? This is why I should never allow myself to have sex with the lights on. I will check in the mirror later because I'm sure he has seen something.

7). Is this guy gay or what?



8). I think he can't tell the difference between my pussy and exhaust so he's lost. He will find his way back to my pussy. Let me give him some time.

9). I think I should tell him to lick my exhaust but what will he think of me? Will he think I'm being disrespectful? Will he think I'm too much of a freak for him? Let me make more noise when he gets near the exhaust so that he knows I'm enjoying it. Should I tell him to play with it?

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10). Let me tighten up my butt cheeks together so that he won't properly see the exhaust. I think it's way too personal and he's violating my personal space.

Bonus: I should have bought lot of fruits yesterday because I heard that pineapples will make your exhaust smell good. If he tells me it smells bad, I'll just blame it on the food he bought me yesterday. In fact, lemme tell him right now that he shouldn't expect it to smell like roses because of the food he gave me last night. I need to say it now before he says something.