Check this out. This is one of the sexiest clips around. I wish she was doing that to me. 

I don't know why any of my exes never thought of stroking my dick whilst we were in the tub together. Here's the clip.

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But then again, I cannot recall a time when I bathed with anyone. As freaky and as nasty as I am, I'm actually shy when it comes to taking my clothes off in front of anyone. If you see me, you'd think I'm just some quiet (but well built guy) who is into reading and cooking. You wouldn't even think I have a big dick lol, yet I'm probably the nastiest man in my entire town. I'm horny seven seven days of the week!

Anyway, back to this clip, I love the way she wraps her legs around him, covers his mouth with her hand and strokes his dick. I want my woman to do that sexy shit to me. I like that 'semi aggressive' shit. I want her to rub my chest, kiss me, nibble and lick my neck as well as talk dirty into my ear. I wanna feel her wet boobs and pussy pressed against my back. 

Anyhoo, this is today's clip of the day.