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All the non specific topics are found in this category. It's all just random stuff and general advice ranging from health advice, hygiene topics right down to sex toy advice. 

A butt plug is a sex toy that is designed to go into your anus and stay in there while you and your man have sex or during foreplay. It's as simple as that or do I need to break it down?

This topic about insecurities during sex was raised in a group I'm in on Facebook. I thought it was a good topic, so I'm just going to paste here what was posted in the group. 

Choking during sex looks sexy when your favourite porn stars do it but is there an art to it? Do women really like that shit? Let's get into it. 

When smashing her in doggy, do I put my thumb in her ass?

I'm back and will answer sex questions nobody asked. Like I said in my last post, I uninstalled Facebook so that's why I'm here now. Anyway, here goes..

If you pull my panties to the side instead of telling me to take them off, I’ll melt. It feels like an inspection, like you’re still deciding if you’ll fuck me or not. Push a finger or two into my pussy and talk to me.. please, please talk to me. Tell me what a slut I am, or tell me I’m a good little girl because I’m so wet for you.