Pastor David Wilson has been caught "speaking in tongues" on a fellow church member. He's married and she's his side chick. This is yet another video you guys from Facebook wanted me to upload. It's probably the last one I'll upload on this blog.

Edge of the bed position (I made that name up) is perfect if your woman loves deep penetration. Its also good for guys who are on the small size.

The Stand & Carry is that position where you stand up, carry her and fuck the shit out of her in mid air. This position isn't for every couple but the good thing about it is that it can be performed anywhere. 

Lemme debunk a myth about being uncircumcised. Ladies: It's a myth that circumcised men fuck better than uncircumcised men. Do not fall for that crap.

So, do men fake anything during sex? Do they fake orgasms like women do?

It's been ages since I wrote about squirting so here's my two cents on the issue.

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