Good dick is not about size. Iā€™m really blessed in that department. As a teenager I thought that was all I needed. However using attention to detail, I picked up that it is the total opposite of what they show you in pornography. It isn't about how long you can go, how hard you can hit it, or how it many positions you can do.

When it comes to men and labia, this really is just an opinion question. Men like all kinds of pussy lips.

This position is called the Flatiron position. Just watch the video, it's self explanatory.

I want you. I want you to be ready to use every inch of me. I want you to massage my body and trace my curves.

I love sucking dick.

Pastor David Wilson has been caught "speaking in tongues" on a fellow church member. He's married and she's his side chick. This is yet another video you guys from Facebook wanted me to upload. It's probably the last one I'll upload on this blog.

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