69 Position. Aaah, this is probably the grandmother of all oral sex positions. It basically allows you and your woman to receive oral sex at the same time during foreplay.

<<<< The Dick's Head >>>>

I invented this position by mistake sometime around the 2000s. I was trying to do something else then ended up in 69. It's a long story and I can't really get into it now.

Lemme give you quick tips.

• Personally, I think, when it comes to the 69 position, the guy should be on the bottom. That way, his woman has more control of his dick.

• She has control of her head movements (throwing it back and forth).

• She has control of how much dick she can swallow (this is very important).

• Plus she also has control of her saliva (very important too). It's ALWAYS important for the woman to always feel comfortable during sex. ALWAYS ask her if she's okay or "do you like that", "are you enjoying this/that" etc.

69 position sugar dick dupree

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• Try not to have her upside down. If she likes that kinda 'upside down 69', at least make sure she can handle your dick because she can easily throw up if you attempt to push it down her throat without warning. Things do get messy in this position, plus she will most likely have saliva all over her face, nose, eyes and forehead AND even her hair! In most cases, she'll have a runny nose and even have tears running down to her ears. Honestly, I never thought this would end up happening when I created this position. Personally, Im not a fan of upside down 69. I had an ex who liked it that way but she'd have her head hanging of the edge of the bed. I'd always have to pull her back because I thought she would fall off. It used to irritate me.

What To Watch Out For?

• In 69 position, it can somewhat be difficult to give oral sex whilst receiving it so I suggest taking turns, but then some people can give and receive at the same time.

What Do I Like About This Position?

• I like to feel her weight on top of me.
• I like the close body contact
• I love looking at her pussy up close and the feeling of being "trapped" underneath her thighs.

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So, yaah, that's all I've got to say about the 69 position.

I can't think of anything else to say. It must be the quarantine. So...


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