Choking during sex looks sexy when your favourite porn stars do it but is there an art to it? Do women really like that shit? Let's get into it. 

I'll do and Question & Answer thingy and pretend Adina Shebeen is interviewing me.

Adina: So, Sugar, have you been choked before?

• Yes I have.

Adina: Did you enjoy it?


Adina: What happened?

• She was riding me and she roughly placed her little fingers around my neck. Her nails dug into the sides of my neck and that shit felt painful. Then she had her thumb pretty much pressing down my wind pipe. Bruh, I couldn't breathe properly and I found that shit quite uncomfortable. It was a painful experience. I didn't like that shit at all.

Adina: Have you done the choking before?

Choking during sex

• Yeah! Countless times, but I don't do it like the weirdo porn stars. I don't get pleasure out of seeing whoever I'm fucking gasping for air or being uncomfortable. I'm quite gentle even if it's one of them rough sex sessions. I don't go overboard. 

Adina: Ow-kay.. So just how do you do this "gentle choking"?

• I don't go for the wind pipe or press her Adam's Apple. I have big hands and long fingers so I simply just wrap my fingers around her neck.

Adina: Err, sounds like choking to me. Can you please explain yourself because my mind is doing mental gymnastics trying to figure out the shit you're trying to say.

• Okay. How can I say this? Ever had your neck grabbed from the back during doggy style?

Adina: I'm not here to talk about my sex life but just to answer your crappy question, I'm just going to say yes...

• OK. Well, the same level of pressure applied on the back of the neck during doggy is pretty much the same kinda pressure I apply on the front.

• Does This Shit Make Doggystyle Feel Better?

Adina: Huh? I don't know whether to get a dictionary, calculator or a science textbook. Please say what you're trying to say in plain English. 

• You know what, here is a picture of what I'm trying to say. 

Grabbing the back of neck doggystyle

Adina: Okay, I see but I don't understand.

• Put it this way, he's holding to the back of her neck so that he has better balance and better grip. 

Adina: I understand but I don't understand but I understand. Are you trying to tell me that you do your type of choking just to get "better balance and better grip"?

• Yes!

Adina: Let's start again. When you choke, do you do it in such a way that she'll find it somewhat difficult to breathe?

• No.

Adina: Does your style of choking cause discomfort or any pain?

• No. I only grab hold of the sides of the neck

Adina: Do you press the sides hard?

• It's a firm but gentle hold. No pain involved. 

Adina: I think you only do it to feel powerful, supreme, dominant etc. I'm getting little dick energy vibes from you. Lol!

Fingertips to grab neck doggy

• Whatever..

Adina: So, have you got any advice for guys who are into this "art".

• Never choke the front of the neck. Just use your finger tips to apply pressure only on the SIDES OF HER NECK. Stay away from the front because it's quite dangerous.