Hie there Sugar. I have a question regarding circumcision. Apart from sensitivity, what else would I lose if I got circumcised?



• the first thing you would lose is your foreskin lol. This means that whenever you masturbate, you would need some lubricant.

• as your dick's head enters the pussy, the foreskin rolls back, right? And I'm sure you know just how good that feels when it rolls back and forth. Well, once you are circumcised, you will never ever experience that feeling again.

• the foreskin is also packed with nerve endings so you'll also be kissing goodbye to all of that good sensitivity.


Circumcised black dick Circumcision


• your dick will look like it's lost weight. Foreskin makes your dick fat, particularly near around the head area, so removing it would give it 'thin look'.

• Circumcision also greatly affects the sensitivity of your dick's head. You see, the foreskin is designed to keep your head moist, soft, sensitive as well as to protect it from rubbing against clothes or underwear. When you get circumcised, the head suddenly no longer has protection so it will start to grow a second hard skin in order to protect itself. It's this second hard skin that results in loss of sensitivity.

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• Circumcision is usually performed a day or two after birth but it becomes more complicated and riskier in older babies, children and especially men. I have seen grown men with deformed dicks as a result of a procedure that went wrong.

• one last thing, your dick will look very different to you because you're used to seeing it with foreskin.

Nobody truly knows the benefits of circumcision but what everyone agrees on is that there are more negatives than positives..

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I think this is all I can think of for now.


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