Today I'm gonna talk about that thick creamy white stuff women produce during sex.

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I've written about this before but it was about sticky white stuff that looks like tiny balls of gel. Dunno why I can't find the post. Today, I'm just gonna talk about the creamy white stuff women produce particularly during sex.

So, just what exactly is that stuff?

• First and foremost, it's very normal.

• It doesn't have a smell and it's also got no taste.

• It's not an infection neither is it a sexually transmitted disease.

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• It's basically natural lubrication produced by the pussy during sex. It is produced due to her uterus contracting during an orgasm. It's simple as that. Where exactly it comes from, I don't know. Sometimes, as you do the strokes, sliding your dick deep inside her and pulling it out just to the tip, you can take a lot of it with you. The cream is not designed to stay inside her pussy by the way.

• All the women I've been with produce the white stuff. Some produce a lot of it and some just a tiny amount. Sometimes, she'll produce a lot that'll cover your pubic area, dick and balls. It'll look like you've covered yourself with shaving cream. In my experience, more is produced when she is super horny and has an orgasm.





At least you can see the creamy stuff I'm talking about. I'll try to get a better video but for now, this will have to do.

Is it a sign that she's unhealthy?

• No.

Should I wipe it off?

• No! Mainly because your woman could end up worrying that you find it disgusting and this could potentially knock her confidence. Wipe it off by rubbing it onto your dick or her thighs (that's if you are too disgusted). I hope that clears the air... so..