Anal sex is any type of sexual activity that involves your anus being penetrated by either a dick, a finger, a tongue and sex toys. On this blog, the anus is known as an exhaust.

So, I think I should start off with the advantages of anal.

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• Honestly I can't think of any real advantages other than zero risks of getting pregnant and that it feels good..for some people. I think Adina once said she tried it. Hopefully she will edit this article and add her input.

Let's Get Into The Disadvantages.

• The anus doesn't produce any lubrication like a pussy, so you must use lubricants a.k.a lube. Do not use baby oil for anal because it's hard to wash which means it can easily remain in the anal area. This could cause an infection because it creates an environment that encourages bacteria to thrive. Actually never use baby oil for sex at all, because it breaks condoms etc and it isn't good for you on the inside. I feel bad about saying all this because I used to promote the use of baby oil..but then I didn't know anything back then.£LeighPvtLtd

• The lining of the anus is pretty thin and can be easily damaged during sex which makes it more vulnerable to infection. Many sexually transmitted infections can be passed on via anal sex and it's also possible to pass on an STI by fingering. 

• Always remember that shit lives in the ass, so during anal play or sex, expect to see shit on your finger, dick and bed linen.

Black couple Anal sex doggystyle

Is It Safe?

• If used with all necessary safety precautions and done right, it should be safe. 

How To Enjoy Anal Sex

• Use lots of oil based lube
• Be very, very patient.
• Make sure she's relaxed and mentally prepared for it.

Can One Have An Anal Orgasm?

• Yes, and it feels as intense as a pussy orgasm.

Does It Hurt All The Time?

• It's painful the first couple of times but as time goes, you get used to it and it becomes manageable.

Sex of any type should never hurt if done properly.

Will My Butt Hole Get Big And Loose?

• The simple truth to this question is nobody really knows. If you visit different health websites, you will read contradicting information. One doctor will tell you that your butt hole won't get big, another will tell you that it will become loose and another will tell you that it will collapse. Sugar Dick Dupree will tell you that: too much of anal sex can be a bad thing, so chill out on overdoing it. It should be a once in a long while type of thing lol.

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I don't want to make this article a long one so I'm gonna stop here. I'll have a Part 2 of this shit. So...


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