Good dick is not about size. I’m really blessed in that department. As a teenager I thought that was all I needed. However using attention to detail, I picked up that it is the total opposite of what they show you in pornography. It isn't about how long you can go, how hard you can hit it, or how it many positions you can do.


Sex is conversation between two bodies, a give and take. What looks good on camera doesn’t necessarily mean she’s enjoying it. Good dick starts off by knowing your woman, or women in general. If you have size, don’t just ram your dick inside of her. Foreplay is a must. If you dont have time for advanced foreplay, do an abbreviated session, got into your quickie.


Veiny black dick


Guys, have confidence.. don’t ask for kisses. If she keeps looking at your mouth, eyes low, in a expecting way, KISS HER. If it’s not cold but she’s caressing her own legs, start to caress her legs. GET HER SUPER WET BEFORE INTERCOURSE. When it is time only slide in as much as she can take, let her open up for you. Remember she’s a person, not a vagina so focus on her not just her VAGINA. Caress her everywhere, run your hands through her hair, TALK TO HER, not the shit you hear in porn. SOME WOMEN LIKE ROUGH talk some don't but ALL WOMEN LIKE COMPLIMENTS.

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Tell her how sexy she is, as you stroke her slowly, the wetter she gets the deeper you can go. Make sure you SWITCH UP THE STROKE, the vagina is intelligent and it can get bored. Go deep, go mid way, go fast, slow it down.. Keep her guessing.. Don't give her predictable dick. Switch up your routine, do it in every room of the house. Being unpredictable is what will make her addicted to you.

Dominant dick isn’t about how hard you give it to her. It’s about your presence, grab her hair let her feel it, but don’t pull it out, give demands, and reward her orgasms for obeying. Don’t expect her to obey you just because you are a man. Everyone needs incentive.

Last but not least touch her often, even when you don’t want sex, be affectionate. She should be used to your touch, she should welcome it and reciprocate it Same with your dick the better it is, the more she will care about pleasing you or it lmao..