So, do men fake anything during sex? Do they fake orgasms like women do?

Well, I'm not really sure but I think they do. It's not something we discuss and it's certainly never come up in any convos I've had with my friends. Though some time ago, a friend's friend once said he faked ejaculation. I don't know how he did it but he said he did. I guess it was one of those 'tawks' that guys have when we lie to each other about our sexual adventures.

But, have I, Sugar Dick Dupree, faked anything during sex??

Well, of course I have and still do! Actually, I fake things regularly. I think if they held international competitions for that sort of thing, I'd win the World Cup! I've become an expert at it to such an extent that I know when to fake things and when not to. I can even make my body react to the noises and change my facial expressions! I roll eyes, put on that "angry look" or even open my eyes really wide, let out a loud "OH SHIT" or "OH FUCK" and pause for a few seconds just to make her think that her pussy has done something fantastic to my dick. Bwa ha ha..

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I know..
• when exactly to make the fake noises,
• what sort of noise to make (there are many types by the way),
• the volume level (loud or semi silent),
• and whether they should be short or long (aah or aaaaaaaaaah)..

Im like a DJ at a party, just reading the crowd and setting the mood.

Why do I do it? It's usually when I want to make her cum. There comes a time when you are fucking her just right and she starts saying, "Oh Sugar..faster.. faster" and I know I'm running low on stamina, I start to make the fake noises. The noises I do make her cum quicker. I don't want to reveal exactly how I do it but trust me when I tell you that IT WORKS like magic! It's a tried and tested method and I will not stop using it.


Should you fake your noises? If you're a woman, no. If you're a guy then yes. Most of you guys don't make noise anyway so you might as well fake them. Speaking of men making noises during sex, I think I have to write about that in the next post.

Well, I've run out of stuff to say so..


Sugar Dick Dupree