Edge of the bed position (I made that name up) is perfect if your woman loves deep penetration. Its also good for guys who are on the small size.

I'm not going to give any tips mainly because -as I always say- what works for Sugar Dick Dupree won't necessarily work for you. You have to develop your own technique, learn how to use your dick and know what your woman likes and enjoys. If you haven't got any of these qualities, nothing I say here will help you. 




If you have a big dick, you'll need to be gentle in this Edge Of The Bed position because it might get very uncomfortable or even painful for your woman, but if you are on the small side, then bang her like tomorrow isn't coming. Fuck her hard and make her boobs bounce! Put her feet on your chest for maximum effect. I like to hold her ankles and spread her legs wide open.

For some reason, I do not get tired in this position. I can fuck her until kingdom come. Edge Of The Bed is one of my favorite missionary positions where I can slide my dick deep inside her guts, spank her pussy with my dick and I also like to feel & see her pedicured toes on my chest. If your woman is into getting her toes sucked then this is the ideal position. Personally, I've never really licked toes. All the women I've been with had fat toes lol, so I've never been tempted to lick or suck them. 

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This position kinda makes me cum quick because her body is literally on full display. I wanna see her boobs flying all over the place, her facial expressions, her pussy and clitoris, her stomach..

I think this is all I've got to say about this position. If I've got anything to add, I'll edit this.



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