Menswear is what's on the fashion menu today. This is the first time I have ever done this.

This is just one of those posts every man has got to see. It is important for a man to respect himself, and others, by looking his best whether he is naked or dressed. 

This post is about formal clothing. Formal clothing is much more complex than you think. 

I don't want to waste your time so I'm going to jump straight into the infographics. Let's kick off with collars. Did you know that there are various shirt collar types out there?

Menswear Collar Types

Here's a visual comparison of necktie knots. You will never see my ties looking anything like the ties in the middle row. The last time I tied ties like that was in high school. 

Menswear Necktie Knots

Next up: How to cuff your sleeves. This is new way to roll them up. I never roll up my shirt sleeves anyway, and I only wear long sleeved shirts.

Menswear How To Cuff Sleeves

Now let's check out watch styles. I have three watches but hardly ever wear them. 

Menswear  watch style

Next we look at the trousers length. I hate baggy trousers and I do not want them long. I prefer the Quarter Back length.

Menswear Trouser guide

Now we are on shoes. There was a period when I used to wear really expensive shoes, then I went through a period of purchasing cheap clothing and cheap shoes but now I wear all kinds of shoes. I have lots of Brogue and Desert style shoes as well as Chelsea Boots. When it comes to trainers (or sneakers), I tend to wear canvas shoes. I'm currently into Polo and Tommy Hilfiger canvas shoes.

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Menswear  Shoe Guide

When it comes to jeans, I absolutely love skinny slim fit jeans. I have about 8 pairs. I used to wear Relaxed Fit jeans. It took me ages to get out of baggy jeans. 

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Menswear jean fit guide

And this is how you iron a shirt. 

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Menswear how to iron shirts

Lastly, here are the different wool types

Menswear types of wool

And that's all I've got to say on menswear...


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