If you pull my panties to the side instead of telling me to take them off, I’ll melt. It feels like an inspection, like you’re still deciding if you’ll fuck me or not. Push a finger or two into my pussy and talk to me.. please, please talk to me. Tell me what a slut I am, or tell me I’m a good little girl because I’m so wet for you.

Don’t fuck me, though. Keep touching me until my pussy is dripping wet and you can see the wetness between my upper thighs.

Do the same thing when I’m wearing a skirt. Bend me over the nearest table, push my skirt up, and pull down my underwear down to around my thighs. Fuck me until you cum, ejaculate all over my pussy and asshole and then walk away, leaving me wobbly-kneed and slick with your come and my own wetness.

Fuck me in the morning. Wake me up with deep but thrusts. When I mumble a sleepy protest, call me a fucktoy and tell me to shut my mouth before you kiss me.

Make me moan. Push your dick deep inside me. Pull my hair and spank me. Tell me to cum on your dick. Continue to fuck me as I cum. Dig your fingers into my butt cheeks..

I’m a simple girl with simple needs, really. Just remind me that my holes are yours.

Fingering pussy

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