Have you ever wondered why you love having your hair pulled during sex, particularly during doggystyle?? Here's an explanation and I'll use myself as an example.

· I love being dominated. For me, I almost always need to feel helpless, vulnerable and taken advantage of during doggystyle so hair pulling is a definite must. It makes things even more interesting. It's something I enjoy especially when he's got all my hair grabbed in a bunch and then he spanks my ass. Just thinking about it is already making me wet.

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· It also makes me feel like I have no control. Like I said, that helplessness makes everything feel totally different. I feel like he's in total control of everything and all I can do is wait to be fucked. It makes me feel like I'm at his mercy.

· I love to be dominated. I like to feel like a sex object. I want to feel 'used'. It makes me feel like I'm his to do as he wishes. I sometimes enjoy rough sex. I also like having my mouth covered with his hand.

Black couple hair pulling doggystyle

· Strangely, hair when pulled does make the scalp sensitive. I think it probably explains why scalp massages feel good. The moment my hair is pulled, my eyes just roll back lol.

But there is an art to it. It has to be pulled in large chunks so that it doesn't hurt. 

I think this is all I can come up with. If you do not like having your hair pulled, just let your man know. As for you men, when you pull, do it with a firm grip. Don't be too hard but definitely do not be too soft. 

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Adina Shebeen