Pastor David Wilson has been caught "speaking in tongues" on a fellow church member. He's married and she's his side chick. This is yet another video you guys from Facebook wanted me to upload. It's probably the last one I'll upload on this blog.

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Pastor Wilson's family have denied that it's him in the video. If anyone wants to attend church services this coming Sunday, the address is 2502 S Lake Drive, Texarkana, Texas, 75501 and the church you want is called Bible Way Ministries. Bwa ha ha!

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Honestly, his head game is weak as fuck. He needs to directly attack the pussy instead of creeping in from the side. It looks like he's just teasing her. You know what? I might be exaggerating so lemme watch this shit again. 

I don't know why he feels the need to rest his head on her thigh like that. Maybe he's only doing it so that we can have an undisturbed view of his skills, or maybe he was tired.

He also licks her arsehole. It's increasingly becoming clear that rimming (licking arsehole) is becoming an 'in-thing' these days. I invented rimming but that's another sermon for another day.£LeighPvtLtd

His side chick definitely has a good looking pussy. It's fat, has long-ish lips and complemented with a great clit. For me personally, I like a meaty pussy. I don't know why. Strangely enough, I have never really come across one. All the women I've been with either had a fat pussy or a 'normal one'. 

Anyway, I've run out of shit to say so..


Sugar Dick Dupree

By the way, I don't know just WTF is going on with the videos. I think it's an iPhone issue. Seems iPhone owners in the US can't view videos. Dunno what's up there.