Random Shit: I’ve been crushing on this man for a few years now. We’ve tried to meet up before but our schedules are so different it proved not to be the easiest task.

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Fast forward to this year and we FINALLY link. The chemistry in the room was so fucking thick I felt slightly overwhelmed and instantly self doubt starts to kick in. Now granted, I looked all the way good cause i just left this party. But he makes me feel comfortable so my brain slows down. We laying there chatting, watching tv and he just starts touching my arm lightly. When I tell you I felt the fucking tingle in my pussy, I felt it so much I was shocked. He’s gently tracing the outline of my body not even touching sexual parts, we’re both still fully clothed. AND THE ENTIRE TIME I CAN FEEL MY PUSSY YELLING AT ME TO JUMP HIS BONES. Honestly, I look back shocked that I didn’t in that moment. But it all worked out perfectly fine. If you know me you know I like to be fucked, rough and hard. I’m almost never into that slow and sensual shit. Not even if I really like or love you. But boyyyyyyyyyyy he manages to perfectly combine both. The way he fucks is like, I don’t even know. It’s refreshing. It’s omg. Needless to say I was so happy neither of us let the other down cause I was wild nervous. We’ve had sex since then and he tells me I’m amazing. But he doesn’t know the half...

Random couple oral sex

• Rimming: Would you really do this for your man?

Now if I could just get him and "A" to fuck me at the same time I’d be in heaven. I suppose good things come to those who wait...


Princess Timide (Guest Writer)