Many women dream of this shit. They find it quite romantic, I'm not sure why but is it safe to have sex in water? is accepting donations. Click here to donate.

First, let's look at the ADVANTAGES.

· Errm, I honestly cannot think of any apart from that it sounds really "romantic and sexy".


• when his dick is going in and out of her pussy, some water will naturally get into the pussy. The water will then wash away a her natural vagina lubricant. This could leave her pussy potentially dry resulting in uncomfortable sex.

•  It's somewhat impossible to use a condom in water because it can wash away the condom's lubricants and tear.

• There's also a very high possibility that the water could cause the condom to slip off.




 black couple having sex in the tub




What about if you have sex in the bath tub?

• You will still face the same problem of dryness, and yes you can still get pregnant or an STD. Shit like shampoo, conditioners, bubble bath etc do not play well with condoms. 

Is it better in the pool?

• Pool water contains chemicals that could irritate your pussy as well as break down the condom. 

What if you do it in the lake, ocean or pond?

• Those obviously contain a lot of bacteria so you could leave yourself open to a lot of infections you do not want.

What about in the shower?

• You will still face the same problem, unless you can move to the side of the shower where the water isn't getting to both your genitals.

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So what to do if you need to have sex in water, say the tub or shower?

• You'll have to get some silicone based lubricant. It'll leave the bath tub or shower very slippery though.

So, in conclusion, I wouldn't recommend having sex in water because it's not as good as people say it is. If you're gonna do it, just make sure it's short and mostly out of the water's way. 

Sex + water = dry friction & pain.


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