This position is called the Flatiron position. Just watch the video, it's self explanatory.

Ladies, there's realistically not much you can do in this position because you have very limited movement so you just have to lie flat and receive a good pounding.

· Make sure your legs are together so that your vagina feels tight for him. It's also good for you because it creates more friction which means more stimulation. Less friction equals less stimulation.

· Place a cushion or pillow underneath so that your butt is angled in such a way that will make deep penetration easier.

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·You can try to fuck him back but you could ruin the rhythm plus you could cause him to accidentally slide his dick in your exhaust. Trust me, that will be painful.

· If you are into anal, this position is just the perfect position

· You can play with your clit.

· Tell him to lie on you if you want it to be more intimate. Personally, I like to feel his weight and body heat on my back.

· He can hold onto your hips or your shoulders so that he has better grip and control.I guess that's all for now.