It's been ages since I wrote about squirting so here's my two cents on the issue.


I’ll do a question & answer thingy in order to make it easy for you to understand. I will edit this at a later date incase I have something extra to add.

Question: Hie Sugar, you sexy baby ostrich. How are you doing today?

SDD: Fine thanks and you. You look so sexy yourself

Q: Ha ha ha,thanks. Don’t make me blush. Anyway, lets get right into it. Can you tell us about squirting. My question is: Does it exist? I see a lot of women doing it in porn movies but dunno if this is real. Are they actually pissing? Can you please shed light on this issue, your highness.

SDD: My pleasure. It’s a complex question to be honest because nobody has been able to crack the code about how or why it happens. I certainly do not know how it really happens. However, we should agree that squirting is the expulsion of fluid through and around the urethra during or before an orgasm.



Is it fake? NO! Definitely NOT!

The reason why most people think it's fake is because there are lot of porn videos out there that show girls squirting buckets of water out of vagina and sometimes out of their exhausts (asshole)! Whenever you see a large amount of fluid squirting out of a woman’s vagina in porn, keep in mind that this can be faked by putting water in the vagina before filming or between breaks when filming. Never entirely trust what you see in porn..and also keep in mind that a 30 minute scene is usually shot over several hours. Some actors can take as much as 5 hours filming just one scene.

Q: Is it urine?

SDD: No it’s not. Maybe it might contain a certain percentage of urine, possibly urine that was chilling out in her pipes..dunno. BUT it doesn’t have a taste and neither does it smell. Urine is watery and squirt is different. Trust me, when someone urinates, you will smell it and it tastes salty. You are probably wondering how I know urine tastes salty? Think about when you first place your tongue on your woman’s pussy, it tastes kinda salty doesn’t it. Well, what did you think that was? That’s urine my friend.

>>>>Vaginal Discharge Explained<<<<

Q: My gosh! You are a freaky individual. How did you know that squirt has no taste?

SDD: Because I have been squirted on many times in my life whilst eating pussy..and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Q: So how does it happen? Squirting is something I have never been able to do and I’d like tips on how to do it. How does it feel when it comes out and are guys turned on by it?

SDD: It varies from woman to woman, meaning that, not every woman can squirt, even with the proper education. The only tip I can give you is to RELAX. Great sex is always nice when both parties are relaxed. Do guys like it? It varies from man to man. Some love it and some hate it and some don’t mind it. Personally, I love it! it turns me on. However, most women squirt when you give her a strong-finger-fuck session. How does it feel? I don't know. 

Q: Thanks. I think that's all for today.

SDD: You are welcome.

By the way, there is absolutely nothing wrong with squirting. It's perfectly normal and if your woman does it, then LUCKY YOU!

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