The Stand & Carry is that position where you stand up, carry her and fuck the shit out of her in mid air. This position isn't for every couple but the good thing about it is that it can be performed anywhere. 

I can't give you any real tips for this because what works for Sugar Dick Dupree won't necessarily work for you, and so the best tip I can give you is: Find what works for you and your partner.


• I find it easier to have her thighs under my biceps so I could grab her butt. That way, I can bang her properly.

• She can support her weight by holding onto the back of your neck, but in my experience, I find it easier if she holds me close to her. She shouldn't lean back though because she'll get heavier

• She could wrap her legs around you but I think that can limit your movements or disrupt your rhythm.

• You can also have her back pinned against the wall. Pin her against a door or a noisy part of the wall, because a rattling door or shit like that adds sound effects. It will make her think she's being fucked so much that the whole house is shaking. Lol.. But you need to be doing some serious banging. 


• The Stand & Carry can be pretty dangerous especially if done in the shower or tub. There's always the danger of slipping and falling. So, do not do it in the shower. 

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Many guys complain that they find it hard to achieve deep penetration in this position but I've never had that problem. I guess the trick lies with how you hold her. 


• Um, a couple of reasons. I like the PA PA PA sounds, the deep penetration and in my experience, I always get them squirting. I also like it when she's got both her hands tightly wrapped around my neck with her cheeks pressed against my cheeks and breathing into my ear.

I think I've run out of things to say so. If I feel the need to add more info, I will come back and edit this post. 


Sugar Dick Dupree