Or it's just right? I'm curious as to what women really feel about this. If a guy wants to suck your toes are you letting him? Have you had a guy suck your toes before? How did it feel? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Why?

Put your answer in the comments. 

My personal experience with this I have to say this is very hit and miss. I know some women I’ve done this to and they fucking love it while they have been a couple women who have told me to never do that again or that they do not like their toes to be touched at all.

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I won’t lie, I do enjoy doing it to a woman because from my own personal experience I have seen some women have some extreme orgasms during sex while sucking their toes.

She’s laying on her back on the edge of the bed and I’m fucking her while I’m standing up. I’m going fast and hard while holding her legs up in the air. My left hand begins to rub her clit just as fast as I’m fucking her. Then once I notice she’s getting close, I grab her foot with my right hand and start sucking on her toes. I do this until she comes all over my dick.

Black man sucking toes

I can also do this slow. I can give her those slow strokes while rubbing her clitoris slowly and slowly suck on her toes all at the same time. This way I can let her orgasm build and once it does I gradually will go faster and faster until she finally climaxes.

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But like I said there are some women who don’t fuck with it at all. I’ve known some women who are very conscious of their feet, very ticklish and some just don’t like a nigga touching their feet at all.

By Yaki Killa Kadafi