Dick pics...gosh...I don't know how many I've received in my inbox in the last 10 years. Maybe only one looked attractive but the rest were rubbish. Listen up guys, a picture of a lonely dick staring back at me does nothing for me..and many women.

Let me give you quick tips.

First and foremost: No soft dicks! I watch for the enjoyment so a pic of a soft one really does nothing for me.

• Make sure the it's oiled or moisturised. It must look really juicy.

• Make some sexy noises please. Moan! If it's a quiet video of a you, just fully dressed and only showing your dick and ejaculating in the toilet, I'm just gonna delete it. That's just uninspiring and it's not going to do anything to me.

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• Show off your body, put some oil on it, showing different angles. Angles are everything. I don’t want it just from the top to see the head or from the bottom to see the balls. I want to see the side and you must hold it like you were already touching yourself. That’s shit looks hot!

• Play with it. I want to see it moving in all sorts of directions and pulsating. I also need to hear that dirty talk on top of all that. Moan please. Moans are always sexy.

• Hold your dick. I like a manly grip and I like to see a bit of the hand action. I've seen pics where the guys are tightly holding onto their balls, as if they're pressing them down to make the dick look bigger. It looks weird and so unsexy. Don't do that.

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• I also wanna see a little bit of the rest of your body. Maybe your thighs, the pubic area, your stomach, a bit of the leg, the balls etc. Maybe just stand in front of a mirror holding your dick. Yeah that's something I would keep and cum too.

• Make sure the it's moisturized and erect. 

• Background! That's important to me. No FIFA or wrestling in the background. Have some soft music playing and make sure your surroundings are tidy. There's no point in sending a pic yet your house looks like a pig sty.

• Lighting matters. Shitty lighting and a bad camera can make your dick look unattractive. It can easily look sickly and smelly. So make sure your lighting is on point. Try not to use flash because it can make your dick look grayish.

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Lastly, an HD video clip is the best...

So, give me something I'll cum to instead of shit that'll make me delete and block you. 

Adina Shebeen