When smashing her in doggy, do I put my thumb in her ass?

Fuck yes! Lol.

This is something I really have to do these days. It is what makes doggy good. In all honesty, doggy will feel 'incomplete' if I don't stick my thumb in her ass. I think I've written about this before but I will not bother to check. 

So, how do I do it?

• I usually start off by making my finger wet or even spitting on her arsehole.

• Then I start rubbing my thumb on it, making circular motions..

• Then slowly apply pressure, as in pressing my thumb against it.

• Then I continue to rub around in circular motions whilst still pressing my thumb against it..

• Then slowly but surely, I slide my finger inside. I prefer using my thumb because that way, I can still have my other four fingers grabbing her butt cheeks. 

I tend not to thrust my finger in and out because I fear I might see poop so I just stick most of it right inside her or just the tip.


Fingering asshole thumb in her ass


But like I've said before, the timing needs to be right. Your woman will need to be ready for it. In my opinion, you'll need to have fucked her for a few good minutes before you stick your finger in. Then again, it all depends on her. Some will want you to slide it in from when you start fucking and some need a bit of time. Some will want it during foreplay. I prefer to fuck first (because I think it just relaxes her and gets her horny enough to do some freaky shit)..

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It's not only in doggy position that I like playing with her ass. I do it when she's laying on her side, cowgirl and even missionary. In cowgirl, I literally cannot stop rubbing her ass from beginning to end. I think this is a result of watching too much porn.

You're probably wondering what joy I get from sticking my thumb in her ass? Well, it does nothing for me BUT it makes me feel good knowing that I'm sticking my finger in her most private area. In short, it makes me feel like a conquered her. Bwa ha ha!



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