Today's position is a bit of a weird one. I've tried this before and it wasn't that bad to be honest. 

Did I like it?

Uhmm yes. Was it good? Well, she had a very big ass just like the chick in the image, so when she slammed it against my pelvis, it felt AND looked good. Her ass was so big it made my dick look small. She also had one of those really wet pussies that made wet noises and farted, so that shit turned me on. Oh, and her arse hole looked very clean.

Black couple fucking on couch

What Did I Like?

Well, all of the above. I also liked looking at her back. She was big and had love handles so that shit looked sexy. I liked seeing her bounce on me. 


What Didn't I Like?

I couldn't move so I couldn't thrust. I had no control whatsoever. It's also not a comfortable position.

It's not a position that I'd recommend because it really doesn't do anything. Well, in my experience, it did nothing for me. Yes it was good to see her fucking me but it wasn't mind blowing sex..if you know what I mean.

Would I do this again?

Yes, why not. It's something fun and different. I like these positions where I can just lie back and look at her big soft ass slamming my dick. 

I've gotta go, so...