Lemme debunk a myth about being uncircumcised. Ladies: It's a myth that circumcised men fuck better than uncircumcised men. Do not fall for that crap.



Sex is all about technique, stamina and maintaining an erection.

An uncircumcised dick has still got all it's sensitivity because it's head is nicely protected by the foreskin whereas a circumcised dick loses pretty much most of it's sensitivity (via constant rubbing against clothes) because the head is exposed at all times.

Less sensitive head = less enjoyment during sex. It is as simple and as straightforward as that.

Do not allow anyone to lie to you that you will suddenly start fucking like a sex good once you're circumcised. It's just not true..

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And girls, do not be lied to that an uncircumcised dick is a dirty dick. It's not true in any way. Hygeine really boils down to the owner of the dick. If he's dirty, then his dick is guaranteed to to be dirty. If he's clean, then it's going to be clean. Besides, it's not difficult to clean an uncircumcised dick. All he has to do is wash it everyday with water. 

I'm uncircumcised and I can put any 'circumcised sex god' to shame any fucking day. I love my big dick just the way it is and I love the way my head is so sensitive. I will fuck the living daylights out of you with this uncircumcised dick! Lol. If it's inside her pussy and she cums just a tiny bit on my head, I can feel it..and it feels freaking great!


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Plus whenever I slide it in her pussy, the way the foreskin rolls back exposing my head, and then when the warmth of her wet pussy hits my head, bruh! it's just an amazing feeling! I'm not saying uncircumcised guys don't feel all of that, but they struggle to feel a lot of things.

Back to my point which I drifted away from: sex is really all about technique, stamina and maintaining an erection.

So, don't allow anyone to ridicule the fact that you're still uncircumcised. There's nothing wrong with your foreskin. Sex feels better when you're NOT circumcised. I'm not saying circumcision is bad neither am I saying it's good. It's your choice to either get it done or not.. Just don't allow someone to influence your decision with 'clever phrases'.

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