Those tiny bumps just around the bottom of the dick's head are called Pearly Penile Papules. Read the article to know more about them.

What exactly are they?

• They are like small pimples around the bottom part of the dick's head. You can have just four or one hundred. Here's an image.

pearly penile papules tiny bumps on penis dick

Those look massive.

• It's because it's a close up image. They're tiny and will never increase in size.

They look rough.

• Yes they do look rough but trust me, they're smooth and your woman will never know you've got them. She won't even feel them on your tongue when she's giving you a blow job.

Are you sure these aren't signs of a deadly STD?

• No, these aren't caused by STDs. They're not contagious and they're harmless. 

What causes them?

• No one truly knows what causes pearly penile papules and why they appear.

Do they serve a purpose?

• No, no purpose at all.

Are they some sort of STD?

• No. 

Should I pop them?

• Never do that. They will eventually fade away as you grow older.

Do you, Sugar Dick Dupree, have pearly penile papules?

• Yes, but they're quite tiny and a bit dark. They are all just under my dick's head.

Why are the ones in the image above kinda white-ish?

• Some guys have white-ish ones, some pink-ish and some guys have dark ones. Mine are dark. If I remember correctly, they used to be kinda white-ish.

Does every guy get them?

• No, not every guy has them. Some men have them and some men don't. They say only half of men get them. They're more common in guys who aren't circumcised. Circumcision doesnt doesn't mean you won't get them.

• Speaking of circumcision, here is all you need to know about uncircumcised dicks. 

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Are they painful?

• No.

Are they sensitive?

• I can't speak for any guy out there but I honestly do not know. They're right under my dick head (which is already sensitive anyway) so I cannot tell whether they're sensitive or not. 

How can I get rid of them?

• Maybe surgery, but in all honesty, you shouldn't worry about them. They do nothing and do not pose a health risk. There's really no need to seek any treatment. If you have them, just leave them like that. 

And that's all I've got to say about Pearly Penile


Sugar Dick Dupree