I will do a question & answer interview thingy so you can get it. In short, I want to make it easy for you to understand what I’m saying.

Here goes…

Adina Shebeen: Hello Sugar, how are you, you horny dog?

SDD: Huh?? Sorry, I didn’t understand what you just said there, Adina, can you repeat please. Just say it in plain English.

Adina Shebeen: I said hie!

SDD: Oh hie, I’m fine, thanks and yourself?

Adina Shebeen: Bla bla bla. Listen, I need to know exactly what a guy feels when he is ejaculating. I mean, what does it feel like?

SDD: Okay.

Adina Shebeen: Does it hurt? I ask because every guy looks like he is in pain when ejaculating. Some guys scream. You have even said that you roar! Is it painful? Is there some sort of pain?

SDD: No! There is no pain whatsoever. I roar because its just too good to contain the excitement. Your man screams because its too good. It feels very, very good.

Adina Shebeen: Okay, take me through the process. How does it feel when you are about to ejaculate? What happens? What do you feel? What triggers ejaculation?

SDD: I think every guy is wired differently so I will speak for myself.

What triggers it?? I have a sensitive dick head, you see, so if she cums as I’m fucking her, I will easily feel the warmth of her pussy juices on my dick head. The warmth of her cum juices feels warmer than the usual pussy juices, so that’s enough to trigger ejaculation.

Adina Shebeen: Not the answer I was looking for but I guess its good for now. How do you feel when you are about to ejaculate? How do you know kuti its about to go down?

SDD: Well, with me, the good feeling starts off in my head as well as my toes. It travels from my head down to the dick, and at the same time it also travels from my toes via the legs up to my dick.

Adina Shebeen: Gosh, so it’s like the feelings are headed for one huge orgasm on your dick?

SDD: Yes, it's like that. So, it's as if the feelings are heading for an orgasmic collision on my dick.


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Adina Shebeen: Okay. How do these feelings feel? What does your body go through? Do you ejaculate right there and then?

SDD: It feels amazing! My whole body becomes warm. Actually, it's as if the feelings are warm, and as they travel throughout the body, that warmth feels amazing. I think the temperature even rises for those few seconds. My dick becomes even bigger and fatter. As the feelings start to build up, I automatically start fucking her harder and faster. I don’t know why but it just happens.

Adina Shebeen: Then BOOM, you start cumming lol?

SDD: Yes, sorta like that. Before cumming, my dick becomes all really sensitive. I start to make noise. The noises become louder with each trust and I begin to lose my rhythm. If she cums at this point, and if her warm juices hit my dick head, I will get even louder or even scream…and then I erupt!

Adina Shebeen: So how does it feel when you are ejaculating? What will your body be going through?

SDD: AMAZING!!!! My entire body will be sensitive, from the head right down to my toes. I can’t describe the feeling. It's just too good.

Ejaculating feels nice. It feels good as my jizz (sperm) is traveling via the pipes. It feels even better when the jizz comes out. This is when the eyes roll. There is no better feeling. When I’m really horny, I shoot out loads of it.

Adina Shebeen: Interesting. So does it hurt a bit?

SDD: No. Not a single bit. Its not supposed to.

Adina Shebeen: Okay, thanks. I think that’s all I need to know.

SDD: Ok. So….


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