A butt plug is a sex toy that is designed to go into your anus and stay in there while you and your man have sex or during foreplay. It's as simple as that or do I need to break it down?

It's a small-to-medium sized sex toy that your woman slides into her ass. Sounds like I said the same shit. They come in different shapes and sizes but they're generally small, probably just as long as your index finger. Here, in the image below, is one that I bought for my ex. I found it during a recent clear out. It's a jeweled butt plug and it's made out of stainless steel.

 How to use a butt plug

You're probably saying to yourself, "stainless steel! That shit must be uncomfortable AF". Well, my ex never complained about being uncomfortable. She loved it. A stainless steel plug is healthy, easier to clean and the jewel makes it look very feminine and sexy. If anything, I remember her saying that the butt plug made her feel full especially when my dick was inside her. She said it applied some pressure on the back of her pussy and as a result, she felt sensations she had never felt before. 

For me, her pussy felt tighter than usual. Other than that, the pleasure was more on her side than it was on my side. I just liked the idea of seeing a butt plug in her ass. Why? Because that shit looks sexy as fuck in porn flicks. Lol.

Did it ever pop out during sex? No. In most cases,  it will not pop out easily. It's designed in such a way that the ass' muscles will easily grip around it and hold it in place. It's also designed to never accidentally get sucked into the ass because it's got a wide base. Since this wide base makes accidents impossible, please feel free to pound her pussy whilst the plug is in her ass.

If you're worried about a butt plug getting sucked into your woman's ass, then you should avoid buying plugs with bases that are not wide. They come in different sizes so choose one with a wider base. 

Butt plugs are extremely tough so there's no need to worry about the thing being damaged in the middle of sex. That said, you need to regularly inspect all your sex toys just to make sure there aren't any cracks or damage. If you notice cracks, throw the toy away immediately. Do not take chances. Always buy your sex toys from a reputable dealer.

How long can it be worn for? All damn day! I don't remember my ex complaining.

By the way, you must NEVER at any point insert a butt plug in your pussy! It's NOT designed for that at all. That'd very reckless and dangerous.

What is a butt plug

Did it feel uncomfortable for my dick. Nope. Like I said, apart from her pussy feeling tighter, it never really got into my way. I was very aware that the plug was there because I kept looking at it during doggystyle, lol, but I don't remember complaining about it.

What She Thinks Of When You Go Near Her Ass

How do you put it in? You're gonna need lots of lube just to make things nice, smooth and comfortable. One you've applied lube, just slide it in gently and slowly.

How do you get it out? Once again, lube is needed. Lots. Once you've lubed up her ass, pull it out gently and slowly. 

How do you clean a butt plug? Wash it with warm water and please use unscented soaps. The best soap would be baby soap or baby shampoo.

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