When it comes to men and labia, this really is just an opinion question. Men like all kinds of pussy lips.

Some guys like it, some don't but most do not care. Personally, I like looking at a meaty fleshy dark pussy because it turns me on, but it doesn't mean that a pussy with no meat turns me off. As longs as her legs are open for me, I really don't care what her pussy lips looks like.

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Long labia matinji malebe


In all the conversations I've had with friends and guys in general, I have never heard anyone say anything bad about long labia. There's always going to be that one badly misinformed guy who thinks long labia equals an over used pussy (which isn't true). If anything, most men complain that they haven't come across a meaty pussy or long labia.


Labia minora matinji chinamwali sugar dick dupree


So, are long labia a turn off?

Answer: No. 

Do men like them?

Answer: Yes but this depends on the man looking at it..otherwise the vast majority of men don't mind them. 

What if they're quite long?

If they're nearly as long as a dick then they will be on the ridiculous side. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. I've seen (on video) labia as long as little dicks. But then again, this all depends on the guy looking at the labia.

What's sexy about them?

Answer: the way they hang and dangle

Does sex with a woman who has long ones feel "extra good"?

Answer: They just look good and different when he looks down and sees them wrapped around his dick but they have no real added benefits. It's all a visual thingy, nothing else. Most men don't really know what to do with them anyway.


Tiny labia matinji malebe chinamwali 

What sort of pussy do men like?

Answer: Any pussy that works so long it doesn't look collapsed and disgusting. 

That's all folks. 


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