Here is what men really think of waist beads? I'll dive straight into it. I'm not going to write a lengthy article because it's just time consuming.

• We heavily associate them with sex. This is probably the main thing. If you were to talk to a guy about waist beads, you're guaranteed that he will end up linking waist beads to sex. 

• We find them extremely sexy.

• They are a huge turn on. When we catch a glimpse of them underneath the clothes, we get an instant erection (not so much a pepper hard on but my dick does get hard). I think its safe to say that they turn us more than miniskirts and tight clothing.




• We find them visually appealing.

• They make the woman appear sexually confident and very feminine.

• They are like a secret advert or a billboard that says "THIS WOMAN IS READY FOR SEX".

• They add a certain swagger. Sadly, I can't quite explain what exactly but they can make a woman an unattractive woman look beautiful/attractive.

 What do men think of waist beads



• Waist beads somehow give shape to an even 'shapeless' or non curvaceous woman. A skinny woman will look like she's got a big butt, even if if she has a tiny butt, and a BBW will look like she's got a curvaceous body.

• They draw attention to her lower body, and this is an area that guys generally like looking at.

In short, waist beads are all about sex. We associate them with sex.

I'll add more things as they come to my mind but you get the gist of it. Yes,  they're a cool fashion accessory but we strongly associate them with sex. I think I'm done with this topic. I can't think straight at the moment. I've been extremely horny for the last two