I'll dive into it. I guess this is something women always try to figure out.



So without further delay, ladies..

Where exactly is the male g-spot?

It's inside him

What exactly is it?

It's called the Prostate Gland.

Where is it?

The prostate is located in his body under his bladder.

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How can I access it?

It is most easily accessible through his exhaust (a.k.a anus).


You'll have to insert your finger in his exhaust and stimulate it.


Lol, yeah. Chances are: your man will never allow you to finger him.

Is there any way to get to his g-spot without fingering him?

You could try to firmly press down the area between his exhaust and balls, but like I said, it's easier when you slide your finger in his exhaust.


Where Is The Male Gspot


Is it really sensitive or it's all a myth?

Apparently so. It is said to be more sensitive than the dick's head.

I think I'll try it on my man tonight. What do I need to watch out for?

• Cut your nails short. The insides of the exhaust have thin skin that is very delicate so you definitely don’t want to scratch him. That could be very painful. Worse, it could even cause a serious infection since a lot of bacteria is found in the exhaust.
• Using lubrication is a must! It makes it easier and less painful for the finger to slide in.
• Make sure he's already turned on and that his exhaust muscles are relaxed. Perfect time to slide in the finger is when you are giving him a blow job.
• Be slow and gentle when sliding your finger in his exhaust
• Ensure that your fingers are clean
• Lastly, expect some poop on your fingers.

So, you said the area between the exhaust and the balls is one I should concentrate on right?

Erm, yes..

Okay, thanks.. have you ever had a finger up your exhaust, Sugar? Has anyone ever tried looking for your g-spot?

No, and I intend to keep it that way... and on that note..