Women aren’t looking for sex from you. I guess I should say most women. Guys, listen up.


A woman knows that the sex is always going to be there pretty much whenever she wants it but what she is really looking for is a man who she respects to validate her femininity. Are we together here?
Women arent looking for sex Sugar Dick Dupree
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In other words, she wants to know that you see her for her...that you want her for who she is...not just for sex.
• Whilst we are on the subject of sex, you need to check out how porn affects the way you relate with women and leads you to think that good sex is what will keep her loyal to you. It's actually an important article because I used to think that if a woman was happy with the good dick I was giving her, then that means I'm also happy.
Back to the issue. How do you do this?
It's simple.  You do it by focusing more on HER. Get inside of her mind by making her comfortable enough with you, where she can tell you anything about her life. You have to understand what makes her tick...what she's really looking for from a dude. Women are complex creatures.
If sex is all you’re using to keep her, eventually the sex is going to get played out and she’ll need new sexual experiences to please her. So you WILL lose her. 
Looks like I'm making progress. I am finally close to figuring out how women function. Once I work it out, I will share all the info with you, and possibly put it in a book. 
• Lastly, do not forget what I once told you: good sex does not start and end in the bedroom. Always remember this. 

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