Girls need foreplay! Lemme explain some shit to yall. First off you lot be trying to dive in some dry pussy, then tell the girl it's trash?? Let me explain some more..

• When you participate in foreplay, you give your girl time to warm up. Don’t you warm your car engine on a cold morning?

• Kiss your girl and bite on her neck and shit man. Don’t go straight to rubbing on her clit. She's dry and your hands are dry shit. Take your time.

• See, us men get hard in 2.6 seconds and we can climax in 30 seconds but a woman..she's a work of art. She's like a complex puzzle. You gotta work a bit.

• Women don't receive as much stimulation from intercourse as men do. For most, it's not enough for an orgasm.

• When a woman gets aroused, the clitoris and the area around the clitoris enlarge, it becomes more sensitive.. you feel me?

• Guys, sex is more than intercourse. It’s touching, it’s playing, it’s feeling wonderful!

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Foreplay man licking pussy


• Fore play really is not for you. It’s for your woman. It helps her relax. Never ever rush foreplay.

• Kiss her, lick her, touch her, suck her, smell her, rub her and pay attention to every part of her body that you admire to warm her up.

• Y’all always talking bout a woman being "dry most of time" because you can't turn her on. Y'all want a freak but can't bring it out.

• Foreplay creates lubrication for the vagina which is FUCKING IMPORTANT. The wetter she is the better the feeling. Got it?

• My point is the more aroused she is the more freaky she is, more sensitive she is, more likely shes going to orgasm.

• and if you both decide she doesn't get as wet as she would like. just go to local store and get some KY Jelly or lubricants!

By Kwame Faded