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Losing my dream guy.

Oral sex question: Hi I'm trying to suck this guy but he's a friend and we're not exclusive so I'm not comfortable sucking his dick without a condom. What are some tips for sucking dick with a condom on?

Okay, so, I’ve seen mad tips advocating the use of coconut oil as lube. Honestly, I would not suggest that at all.

Here are a bunch of self help tips for female masturbation. Find one that works best for you.

Oral sex tips for when he goes down on you. Let's assume you've already got your panties off with your legs wide open and everything.

Dick size really matters! This is a response to Adina's last article on how size doesn’t matter. I feel like I need to tell you why it does - to me. You’re absolutely right. You can have good, even great sex with an average dick and won’t think much about a bigger one.