Sex toys are safe so long you keep them clean and stored in a clean place.

Can I catch an infection by using a sex toy?

Yes you can. Sex toys can pass blood borne viruses. Blood-borne viruses are viruses that some people carry in their blood and can be spread from one person to another.

You can catch nasty infections like..
· Herpes
· Syphilis
· Chlamydia

Seriously, how can I catch an infection by using a sex toy?

· By using the toy irresponsibly. This basically means you cannot and must never share a sex toy. Never use someone else's sex toy because it might have an infection.

If for some reason you share or most likely use one without the owner's knowledge a.k.a stealing it, then make sure you clean it thoroughly.

If it's a penetrative toy such such as a dildo (like the ones in the picture below) then make sure you use it with a condom each time.

sex toys

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You also need to regularly check the toy for deep scratches in the surface material where germs can get "trapped in".

So, how do I clean a sex toy?

This really depends on the toy so you should follow the guidelines from the manufacturer on how to wash it.

Some can be washed so I imagine that warm water and soap will be good enough.

If you use one toy for both your vagina, mouth and ass, make sure you wash the toy each time it's going into a different part of your body.