Dick size really matters! This is a response to Adina's last article on how size doesn’t matter. I feel like I need to tell you why it does - to me. You’re absolutely right. You can have good, even great sex with an average dick and won’t think much about a bigger one.

However, with an average guy I’ve never had that earth shattering sensation I get when a really big cock is penetrating me. It just doesn’t happen. Even when I’m not cumming, I look like someone who is - because I’m in another world completely. Im in ecstasy basically.

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Plus the orgasms are so intense. I can’t describe it but the girls who’ve tried it will know what I mean. I basically feel like I’m exploding. My whole body just ignites. And it happens even when the guy is doing nothing but letting me bounce on it, move back and forth on it etc. So it really is the size.

Apart from that. A big dick is so sexy to look at. I get so turned on by it. I don’t know if it’s a masculinity thing or thinking about how big it is compared to me, making me feel small and pretty but it gets me wet. The whole reason why I’m on this blog is because it turns me on looking at big dicks.

black boyfriend with erect big dick

Some of you even think that I’m just crazy sexually - but I’m really a down to earth, sweet and kind girl. If any of my friends knew I post on this blog, they’d be severely shocked lol. I’m a completely normal girl who studies, works hard and minds her business like any other so it’s not because I’m a sex addict. I just really like big dick and just talking about it has gotten me really horny already. So sorry guys kkkkk


But size definitely DOES matter...to me.

I never thought about size and I always believed that if you love the person you were with, size would not matter. I was so wrong. It's personal preference but when you feel a really big thick dick going in you, WOW, it changes everything! 

Rudo Muti a.k.a Ms Chinamwari