Missionary position (Guy on top) is one of my favourite positions. I like the weight of him on top of me. I dunno why.

I think its because I feel like I'm the one who controls the relationship so in bed, I like to be dominated. I want him to pin me down, hold my wrists and make me feel powerless. I want to feel like a woman.

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missionary position chinamwari


Here are a few tips.

• Place a pillow under your lower back to elevate your butt for deeper penetration?

• Squeeze tight. Closing your legs together allows the penis to stimulate your clitoris more..

• Hug him really tight. Wrap your arms around him and pull his body close to yours to boost the intimacy.

• Hold on. Grab his hips as he’s thrusting so that you control the power and speed..

• Double up. Masturbate (with your hand or a small bullet vibrator) while he continues thrusting, or you can play with your nipples..

• Make eye contact. Look into his eyes.

• Grab his butt and pull him into you. 

• Kiss more. There’s no other position where your lips are in close enough range to have an entire kissing session.


Miss Chinamwari