Here are a bunch of self help tips. I think I wrote this back on my Chinamwari website before I moved back to this site. 

• What are you into? What are your kinks? What turns you on? What are your boundaries? What makes you uncomfortable? Be open with your partner. talk about what you both like. Closed mouths don’t get fed and you will be stuck in an uncomfortable situation if you don’t speak up.

• Are you even turned on? If you aren’t in the mood, everything will go to shit. Do longer foreplay beforehand. Maybe try oral sex first before anything. If you don’t want to have sex don’t force yourself.

• Remember that it’s hard for a lot of women to cum vaginally. Most women cum through clitoral stimulation. So no, you are not “broken” and you are not “hard to please.” If you don’t cum easily that’s okay too. Your partner should take the time to please you. If they don’t, find somebody else lol.

• lf you have a selfish partner you need to reevaluate. Does he care if you cum or not? Does he care if you’re comfortable? Do he care about your pleasure? If not, rethink having sex with this person or possibly having a serious conversation.

• It’s okay to not want sex. You don’t have to force yourself into doing something you don’t want to do. Don’t let people pressure you into having sex. You’re not stuck up or a prude. It’s okay. I promise.

Sugar Dick Dupree Tips (1)

• It’s also okay to want sex! You are not dirty for enjoying it. Don’t think badly about yourself because you’re a person who enjoys sex. Anybody that tries to shame you for liking sex is dumb as fuck.