Ow-kay, I'm gonna write about an encounter I had with my boyfriend's best friend. Sigh, here goes...


I really never thought I’d be this girl. It started when his friend sent me a dick pic on Facebook (charming right?). He quickly sent another one saying sorry it wasn’t meant for me. I don’t know if he lied but I couldn’t help but ask “is that you?” And once he replied “yes” I felt myself getting warm. Lol. He had really big dick. I didn’t reply but I can’t deny it - it made me really horny and since then, the tension just built up.

Then one day, he spent the night at my boyfriend's place while I did too. I was sleeping with my bf in his room and his friend was sleeping in the living room. I got up during the night to get some water and walked in on him masturbating. Normally I would have been grossed out but he looked really hot. He has a toned lean body and this sounds weird.. but his dick was just beautiful. It was just majestic! It was long (he told me later it was 8 inches) and really thick and the way he held it in his hand was so masculine. He looked up and saw me staring and I was just frozen. He smiled at me and I started to approach him.

black boyfriend with erect big dick


>>> Position Of The Day <<<

He pulled me in and started kissing me. I was out of control horny and kissed him back. It didn’t take long before I went straight for his cock and started sucking it. I’ve never been so turned on from sucking dick but I got dripping wet. It was just so hot feeling his thickness in my hand and the way I could just suck on it. He told me to lie next to him and I did. I started feeling guilty but I was in too deep - I really wanted it. He was spooning me and he was smelling really good too. I was only wearing my boyfriend's t-shirt and panties and he started to pull them down before slowly sliding in me and my goodness, that shit felt amazing. He really took his time sliding it further and further inside me but he worked his way all the way in. I felt myself adjusting to his size.

I felt completely filled and no lie I had the first orgasm 60 seconds after that. Then he proceeded to just fuck me really slowly. It was never hard or quick. I mean he did hold me very tightly in place but that was it. But despite it being that slow I couldn’t stop cumming over and over again. I’d never experienced this. I never came more than once with my bf - and it was rare. When he was finally about to cum I couldn’t help myself. I just started sucking him until he came all over my face. I never was into that kind of thing but at that moment I just wanted him to do it. It was a massive load too.

After that I took a quick shower and got back in bed with my bf and that’s was when the guilt hit me. I was shaking and felt close to crying but I calmed down eventually.

So that’s how it started. I had sex with my boyfriend two days after that when I suddenly started thinking about his friend and his dick. I started feeling really bad but it turned into me being insanely horny. My boyfriend picked up that I was horny and began to fuck me really hard until I came. It wasn’t like the orgasm I had with his friend but it was good. My boyfriend got so excited that I came and I feel so bad that he didn’t know it was only because I was imagining the sex with his best friend. Somehow it was so hot how he fucked me not knowing.

Deep sigh..


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