Car sex stororo. This is about how I fucked a married woman from Zimbabwe. Her husband hadn't yet moved to England, so me being a good guy, I kept the pussy warm for him.

So...I left work around lunch and drove to her workplace. I was horny from morning but there wasn’t any time for a quick fuck. All morning her body was on my mind, I could even smell her on my fingers every turn I made. I needed to get some of her, I couldn’t wait until night time. I texted her during the morning to let her know how horny I was, and that I wish that we fucked before work. She laughed and said I was crazy but I was serious. I sent her a pic of the bulge in my pants, I was rock hard underneath and I was trying to hide it.

I kept texting her to tell her what I wanted to do to her body and how badly I needed to taste her. I told her I wanted to be so deep inside her walls, I wanted to suck on her tongue and pull on her braids. She kept laughing but I know behind those laughs, she wanted me to fuck her. So I told her I would come and take her to lunch so we could continue the conversation in person, to set up things for night time. Little did she know I had other plans.

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I told her how bad I wanted to eat her, and suck on her clit. She said she was wet as fuck from my messages all day and I started to salivate. I laid back on the back seat and told her to put that pussy on my face, she could keep sucking me off. She quickly got undressed and sat on my face, and started sucking my dick sometime. I began to slurp on her clit and pussy lips vigorously. As she sucked on me, I swallowed her clit into my mouth, wrapping my tongue around it and sucking it. I pushed my tongue inside her, and licked her walls. She was so very wet and juicy, and my saliva was making it even wetter. I sucked on her clit so deeply that she moaned and stopped sucking my dick. I kept on sucking as she shook on my face, sucking on her very swollen clit. She said “aaaaaghh shit..” as I pushed my finger inside her pussy and licked her clit. I began to rub my finger on her g-spot, while I could feel her tongue and lips moving up and down my dick. I said “I need to fuck you now” and she quickly got up.


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I got behind her and pushed my swollen and wet dick inside her. She was so tight, wet and warm. She moaned “fuck me” as I began to stroke her and grip her ass cheeks. I slowly went deeper and deeper, spreading her ass cheeks and spanking them. She started throwing her ass back on me, which made me go faster. The car was rocking from out thrusts, our moans were loud but we no longer cared. I wanted her all morning and nothing could stop me. I grabbed her throat and pulled her up to me, while I kept fucking her. I began to kiss and nibble her neck, and sucked breathe in her ear. I moaned her name into her ears and asked her how my dick felt in her. She moaned and said it was so good and to keep fucking her like this. I tightened my grip on her neck and fucked her harder. Her moans got louder and mine got deeper. She was massaging my dick with her pussy. That shit was pulsating and throbbing on my dick. She moaned and said she was going to cum and I kept going. I could feel a flood of wetness taking over my bottom half, she came so much and squirted all over my dick and seats. I slowed down a bit and she begged to suck my dick some more.

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She got down and started sucking on me again, tasting her juices on my dick. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and kissed her lips. She pushed me back and sat down on my dick and began to ride it. Her tight pussy was working me, she was throbbing as she rose up and down. I grabbed her ass cheeks and waist as she bounced up and down. I let go and put my hand on her throat again, thrusting my dick up to her rhythm. She moaned and said “yes” as I went deep inside her. I could feel my balls about to explode. I moaned and told her I was gonna cum. She put her hands on my chest, pinned me and said “cum inside me”. I began to throb and pumped my cum inside her as she kept grinding my dick. She slowed down but I kept cumming, it was like I backed up. She came down and kissed me and sucked on her tongue for a little.

She got up and started to put back on her clothes.

“So..what are we having for lunch?”, she said as she put on her dress.

“Maybe round 2” I said. I was ready to go again, but she needed to get back to work and get something to eat. I climbed to the front seat, started the car and started to drive as she fixed herself. Little did she know that I was already planning for the ride home after work......

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