Oh my gawd, where do I begin? Lemme take a deep breath. Right here I go.

Eish, it was wrong! Utterly and completely wrong… and yet, that was partly what made it so good. So wrong but felt so right. Gosh, I don't even know how to begin this. You see, I'm in my late 30s and have been married for around 16 years. I got married at a young age and I have never cheated on my husband... you know what, I don't wanna get into details because I might just expose myself. Lemme get straight into my story.

Basically, I cheated on my husband with my son's friend's older brother. I know it's bad but I just couldn't help it. You see, the boys have been friends since primary school. I had literally watched them grow up together and even took them out to Sam Levy's Village for some ice cream. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a paedophile and I am not into underage boys. But man, did puberty hit my son's friend's brother like a tonne of bricks. Let's call him "Sugar".


One holiday he is a skinny little 15 year old, the next holiday he is a 25 year old well built hunk with broad shoulders and muscles. Ha la la! I tried not to notice at first but goodness gracious me! I couldn't stop my eyes whenever they strayed to his chest, biceps and the thick legs. Eish, I was mesmerized to the max! To make matters worse, he seemed to enjoy my discomfort, wearing tight t-shirts and tight shorts that showed ALL the bulges, as if he was daring me to look. The worst was the summer we bought a PlayStation 4 for my son and had a pool put in, I swear he was over almost every day, and the swimming trunks he wore might as well have been made out of invisible material because I could see everything. My son, oh bless him, never really seemed to notice my discomfort. Something for which I am eternally grateful.

What I never expected was the looks I started getting back. He started noticing when my eyes would drift, and instead of being shocked, or embarrassed, he was strangely aroused. Yes, aroused is really the only word that fits the description. Maybe I'm thinking too much. He would find some excuse to remove his t-shirt, adjust his penis or outright pinching his nipples whenever I was in viewing range. After a while, he started finding reasons to touch me, putting his hand on my arm while laughing at a joke, or hugging me goodbye and pressing his whole body against mine. Eish!

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After a while I gave in, after all I am only human. It was the shower episode that did me in for good. I think it was after a day of swimming. I guess I should have realised something was up since both of the showers were in use, but honestly I never once expected that it would be him in my shower, my son maybe, but never him. For some reason, I thought it was my husband. So I snuck in there, wearing just my thong, with the intention of surprising my husband with some quick, wet fun. But what I found was my undoing, and it will stay with me until judgement day. He was so perfect it was almost wrong. It just didn't make sense. His muscular butt, broad shoulders, sexy back on full display, muscular thighs. Gosh! The water trickled down his body, leaving twisting and turning trails over his flesh. Geez! He hadn’t heard me enter because of the sound of the running water, besides I had come in stealth mode. I stood there far longer than I should have, confused and yet turned on, my eyes travelling over every curve of his fresh, young body. He saw me, turned around and OH MY DAYS, he looked even more sexy. Abs, dark nipples, the dick! It was too much! His dick was slightly curved and had water trickling off it! Shit! I can't even explain! I stood there for a few seconds, not knowing what to do. I rushed out of the bathroom with the sound of my heart pounding in my ears.


I cheated on my husband


I knew that I was confused, but strangely relaxed. By any normal expectation I should have screamed, or yelled, or cursed at him but I didn’t. The image of his sexy wet flesh haunted my eyes. I sat on my bed, looked in the direction of the bathroom, waiting for the inevitable confrontation. In seconds the shower stopped and things went silent. He walked towards me, with an erect dick, stood right before me and our eyes met. The funny thing is that: as he walked towards me, my legs slowly opened up, automatically. The more I tried to fight them, the wider they spread apart. He then stood still in front of me, still looking at me. I wanted him to stop me, to save me from myself. With a shaking hand, I reached out to his dick and grabbed it. I encountered no resistance. Instead of telling him to get out, I found myself asking him, "what do you want me to do?" Bruh! In the end, it was my lust and my desire to take in every inch of him that led to my downfall. If only I had turned around, walked away quickly and left as soon as I realized it was not my husband in the shower, perhaps I would never have fallen into temptation. But his sexy body worked its magic. His response was, "I want to fuck you". That's all I needed to hear. I pushed my thong to the side, placed his dick on the entrance of my pussy, grabbed him by his waist and pulled him towards me. I was already wet so there was no need for foreplay. He just slowly plunged his big dick in me until it all vanished inside me.

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As he started thrusting in and out of me, I lost my mind. I took a pillow and covered my mouth with it..so I could scream into it without alerting the house. His dick seemed to be the perfect size and he was hitting all the right spots. He built up a slow steady rhythm and maintained it. Each thrust seemed to be more amazing than the last and he kept hitting my g-spot. I moaned and shook like a leaf as I had intense orgasms. Bruh! We switched positions and Then it was my turn to ride him. Each time I bounced up and down on his dick I could feel it in my tummy. The shit got my eyes rolling. My pussy was dripping wet and had made his balls wet.



We switched back to Missionary position and the pounding continued. So much power, so much stamina and so much force. I couldn't stop cumming. Then he slowly pulled it out and ejaculated all over my pussy. His warm cum felt nice and I rubbed it all over my clit, pussy and exhaust. The whole thing lasted three minutes but that's all I needed. I was actually exhausted.

“What do we do now…” I asked softly. He mumbled something, left the room and that was the last time I saw him...

That's how I cheated on my husband..