So this is the story of the first time I ever cheated on my boyfriend.

I was going to a party with some friends out of town. It was still a small town, maybe 20 people at the party max, but the only people I knew were my girl friends. I noticed one very attractive guy and he had started flirting with me. I told him I was taken, but he continued. He left for a moment and my friends were trying to convince me to sleep with him, go wild for the night but I kept declining.

After about 4 shots I started to feel tipsy so I stopped drinking. I started becoming more comfortable around him and we were playing drinking games together. It got to the point where everyone was leaving or going to bed, so my girl friend and I found a room so we could share a bed. We were talking drunkenly in the dark when she said she would be right back. She had left for about 10 minutes and I dozed off, waking up to someone getting into the bed with me, except it wasn’t her, it was the guy. I didn’t notice until he had put his arm around me and pulled me close. I slapped his hand away and he was complaining of there being no open beds. I said he could sleep there with me but I had a boyfriend and he couldn’t touch me. He kept running his hands over my sides, saying how my boyfriend would never find out.

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I knew how hot this guy was and I really wanted it but tried not to show it. I guess I delayed pushing his hand away that time as I thought it over for a second and his hand found its way to my lower stomach, my shirt lifted up a little, I felt his hand on my skin. He left it there, firmly yet lightly holding my bare hip, he breathed against my neck/ear area, which turns me on so much. That’s when the lust sort of took over. I felt myself get wet from his breath and I turned my head towards his face, still not really sure what I was going to do. He quickly grabbed my face and started to kiss me. I paused, then started to kiss him. His hand now sliding under my shirt along my side. He bit my lip and I felt myself get even more wet.

My heart was pounding as another man touched me for the first time, secretly. He turned on the lamp beside the bed so we could see each other a little better. I sat up, biting my lip, and allowed him to pull off my shirt, I wasn’t wearing a bra. He stared at my boobs for a moment and I could see his big dick pushing against his light shorts. He then took my tiny body in his big arms and began to kiss my boobs. I tossed my head back as he sucked on my nipples, sending waves of pleasure over my body, soaking me. He stood up so his waist was in front of my face and I grabbed the sides of his shorts and pulled them down. I had to see it. His dick sprang out, fully hard. My jaw dropped a little, it was at least 2.5" longer and so much thicker than my boyfriend. I wrapped my hand around it and started to suck it. I could only take half but he grabbed my head and fucked my mouth a little. After sucking him for 5 or so minutes, my pussy was completely soaked. I laid back and he wiggled me out of my shorts and panties and got between my legs. He pushed them to my chest and started to lick my clit and inside my pussy. I felt his tongue a little inside me and thinking about how naughty this was only turned me on more. I’m extremely tight so he ate my pussy until I was not only soaked and dripping but until I had came and relaxed/loosened up slightly.

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Suddenly he had asked if I had a condom. Being drunk, it never even crossed my mind. My boyfriend always had them, not me. But I knew that I had to fuck him. I needed to feel his big cock inside me. I needed to know what that felt like. And maybe secretly, I was glad he didn’t have one. He laid on his back and I straddled his waist. I rubbed his cock up and down with my hands as I told him how my boyfriend has ALWAYS worn a condom. I’ve never NOT used one. But I guess it was his lucky day. I looked at his cock one last time, thinking about if I could even get it all inside me. I’d only ever fucked my boyfriend, who was shorter and much thinner in girth. And with condoms only.

My heart was pounding in my chest as I lifted myself up and put his tip between my pussy lips. He told me to take as much time as I needed and I giggled. I lowered myself slightly until his head was in me and he was starting to get thicker. I felt it beginning to stretch me. I pulled myself up and then back down, this time another inch disappearing inside me. I bit my lip and I can clearly remember how different his skin to skin sex inside me felt, even with less than half inside me. It felt warm, and slippery. It felt good! I remember watching pleasure run over his face as I lowered myself more and more, my tight pussy squeezing around him. I got about 6 inches in but there was still about 2 inches more. He then grabbed my hips and pulled me down completely. My eyes rolled into the back of my head, my jaw dropping as I felt his big dick in me. With no condom. Cheating. It felt like I was being stretched apart, and like the tip was in my stomach. I rode up and down slowly for about a minute until I orgasmed violently. My legs shook and I had an orgasm like never before. My entire body went numb. He groaned beneath me as the waves of my orgasm made me clench around him over and over. I came like this for what felt like forever. After this I was shaking too much to ride him any longer. He lifted me up and I felt so empty without him in me.

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He got behind me, pushed me onto my hands and knees, bent me over and whispered in my ear that it was his turn, and I was going to take it like his bitch. He had his hand on my throat and I was so turned on I could only nod in agreement. He leaned back from my ear and grabbed my hips in each of his hands. He held them still as he quickly stuffed his huge wet dick back in between my hips. I swear down, I don’t know if it’s possible but it felt longer and thicker from behind. He pushed in until he was balls inside me, it was like the head of his cock was poking my stomach or my ribs. And his girth made me so full. I bit the pillow to keep from screaming as he started fucking me. It was hard, and deep. I’d never felt like this. He slapped my ass and I pinched my nipples as he fucked away, using my once tight little pussy like it belonged to him. He grabbed a handful of my hair and told me to tell him I was his bitch. It was so naughty, I screamed it out, twice.

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I didn’t care who heard (the next day, my friends informed me they DID hear me yell this). He held my hair and pounded away as I came a second time, my body again going numb and my shoulders collapsing onto the bed, leaving my hips up for him to fuck. He fucked me through this orgasm, and then into a third. He told me he loves the way my tight pussy grips around his dick. He fucked me in this position for another 10 minutes. At this point I noticed him groaning more, his dick would tense up and he’d pause for a second and continue. He squeezed my hips harder and he told me he was going to cum soon. I moaned out that he was bringing me to another orgasm, I begged him not to stop, I badly wanted one more orgasm on this huge cock before he pulled out, but I told him not to cum in me, for obvious reasons. Well being such a sweet guy (lol) he continued to fuck me, trying to make me cum once more. I was rubbing my clit, desperate to cum on his cock again. I finally got there and it was the best one yet. I screamed into the pillow as I felt myself cumming, waves of ecstasy crashing over me and my pussy tightening up around his thick cock as much as I could. Now I don’t know if he was too drunk to remember, or my pussy felt so good he forgot, or if he just didn’t care. But basically right as I started to regain focus, I felt his hands squeeze hard on my hips. He thrusted hard against me, holding himself balls deep. Before I could say anything, I heard him groaning. I felt his cock tense rock hard, and then explode. He groaned and groaned. I remember the explosion of wetness as his cock pulsed over and over. I could feel it twitching deep inside me. My pussy instantly felt hot and wet from his cum. And I loved every second of it. In fact, I even tensed my pussy up around him, as if milking every drop of cum as deep into me as It could get. He thrusted slightly, making sure every drop of his load was inside me.

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When he finished cumming in me, he pulled his cock out. It was so deep in me, hardly any cum came out, but I didn’t try to get it out. My pussy felt used and stretched. I could still feel his warm cum in my womb as we collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep with it still inside me.

And thus, the story of my first time cheating...