So an old friend stopped by out of nowhere. I was happy to see him, it had been a very long time. We were friends, but very close.


We could tell each other our problems. But never were together romantically... So I cooked, we talked, we had a lot of laughs, reminiscing...We had few drinks, but not too may. Suddenly at a point something instantly changed. I know he felt it too. Feelings poured through me for him that I must have kept in. I touched his face, looking at his lips. My hands moving down his chest. Our whole vibe changed! Things got so intense! Ripping each other’s clothes off. He stood up, with nothing on and he had a body on him and a big dick on him. Damn, he looked sexy as fuck! I too got naked, hoping that he liked what he saw.



 He tells me that I am gorgeous, and always wondered what I looked like without clothes. He pulled me into him and lifted me up. Looking each other in the eyes, holding on tight, passionately kissing so hard we needed air. He guided me onto his beautiful dick. He said it in my already wet pussy and after a few powerful thrusts he had reached my depths. My walls wet like an ocean sliding down and gripping him wanting to feel more. He pushed further making me scream in ecstasy. The build up, the intensity had us really in heat for each other. I felt him swelling, he let go...I could feel him cum deep inside me. Fuck! It was a hot splash filling me up. We were cumming at the same time. Our juices flowed together, slowly falling to the floor with him still inside me. We laid there gazing in disbelief.

About tens minutes later we started slowly kissing again. I could feel him getting hard inside me. He pushed my legs apart. Already gushing from both of our fluids. He moved inside with ease, filling me with his size. He raised my legs onto his forearms. Staring and kissing me with a look like I’ve never seen before. He started to long stroke me. Feeling him go deep, almost hitting my stomach. Slowly, pulling back to the tip and almost out and them plunging it back in again. My pussy squeezing to his every stroke. I couldn’t help but moan every time he hit bottom.

He suddenly pulled his dick go down and lick my clit. Driving me to the edge, he moaned on my pussy lips as he licked and devoured me. I felt like running from his tongue because it felt so good. Too good! He was touching every single sensitive spot. I started to get that tingly dizzy feeling rushing through body. He must have known that I was so close. He climbed back on top, quickly driving himself inside me, my pussy pulsating out of control, he says to me “this is my pussy” in a sexy grunting tone. He made a few deep strokes. His head flew back one last time using my shoulders to pull himself to bury his dick deep as he could go into me! Again I feel his load shoot inside me! His warm fluids push me over the edge, I started cumming and couldn’t control myself! I felt like I a was trying to leave my body while still laying there. Vibrating like a MF! Gasping for air, I could feel a warm sensation shooting out of me and all over him. He was making me squirt for the very first time! I could feel it happening but could not stop it. My cheeks on my face were on fire! My heart pounding, everything got blurry.... Slowly getting my head together to realize what happened, he put me in his arms, kissed me deeper than ever before! He held me tight and our breathes matched each other. We didn’t have to say a word as to what all of this meant to each other. He says one last thing, “I have always loved you”.

It will be memory we both cherish for a very long time.


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