From Inbox: "Sugar. What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done. Please tell the truth".




SDD's response: Too many to mention and almost all involve fucking someone else's girlfriend. However the most memorable one was with some Zambian chick named Mutale. She had come to the UK for holiday with her boyfriend. I had taken them to a party somewhere in Birmingham and then got too tired to drive back to London so I ended up taking them to a flat I owned. The flat had no furniture except one bed. When we got there, the boyfriend carried on drinking to such an extent that he was quite drunk and soon out of his mind. I don't remember what had happened but we all ended up sleeping on the same bed..all three of us. She was in the middle of us facing him but with her butt stuck out to me and pressing firmly against my dick. That alone made me knew shit was going to go down. 

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Earlier during the day we had flirted like mad so when we were in bed, the flirting became physical. When the boyfriend started snoring, she slid her hands into my pants and started squeezing my dick and got it hard pretty quickly. She was facing him. I fingered her until she was very wet, then she grabbed my dick and guided it into her pussy. The fucking started off slow, gentle, very quiet but quite passionate. I was doing long deep strokes and I think she started cumming within a minute of fucking because She was vibrating. She never took her eyes off him as we fucked, and at one point even started kissing him.

I think I whipped it out of her pussy after she started thrusting back and forth rhythmically causing the entire bed to squeak and move. Her breathing had become heavier and there was just too much commotion. I remember looking at the boyfriend and seeing his head bouncing up and down. He had stopped snoring and it looked as if he was on the brink of waking up. So, I pulled out, turned to face the other way and then went to sleep.

The boyfriend woke up and went to buy some Paracetamol (he had a hangover) which was a terrible mistake because as soon he left, I totally wrecked her pussy that morning. I destroyed her in a 10 minute fast & furious session and ejaculated all over her tits and face.



I never saw them since but Mutale and I remained in contact for several years after that.

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