This is a story about how I lost my virginity. As a teenager, MySpace was very popular and older guys were always sending nasty messages to me, trying to flirt, in private chats. I ignored most but one caught my eye.

He was super cute only thing was I was an 18 years old college student and he was already 27 working on his masters. I was young, dumb and honestly tired of just watching porn. I wanted to try it.

We talked for a few days online and eventually started texting. A week later I decided to skip class to hangout. He met me a block away from the college and only lived about 5 mins away. When we walked inside he told me get comfortable. I was nervous but I wasn’t naive. I knew what he wanted but I was a virgin.

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He turned on a movie and we cuddled on the couch. He rubbed my thigh and my pussy started throbbing. I blurted out that I was virgin out of nervousness. He laughed and said that’s okay. Before I knew it he put two fingers in his mouth then immediately inside of me. Pumping them in and out. It felt so good. Naked from the waist down, with my legs up and him knuckle deep in my pussy he asked if I wanted to feel the real thing.. breathing heavily I nodded yes. He told me to get on all fours on the floor. Like the young slut I was I assumed doggystyle position. With my naked wet pussy propped up he got behind me and with one long, slow stroke and he was deep in my virgin pussy.

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Without warning, he was stretching me out. He groaned, “Im gonna fuck the shit out of you.. give me that young pussy”. Sliding his fat dick in and out of me the feeling was overwhelming. It was painful at first but I quickly got used to it. He knew I was liking it. “You don’t take dick like a little girl..” Hearing him say that made my pussy tighten even more around his dick and I started to cum. My hips took over and I started throwing my ass back towards him. Seeing how eager, young, and wet I was he couldn’t last much longer and pulled out to busted a huge nut on my back.

After he got done fucking my young brains out raw he dropped me off back at college just in time for my last class to start... and that's how I lost my virginity. 

Grown man dick was addicting.

We met up almost everyday after that throughout the year. He turned me out and fucked me everywhere in every position.. forever grateful to him.

Doggystyle black couple lost my virginity


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