Sigh, I'm just reminiscing about the time I fucked a chick named Faith at a party. Her then boyfriend was related to President Mugabe of Zimbabwe. I think he was a nephew or some shit like that.



• We lived in the same neighbourhood..
• there was attraction between us but we never really acted on it..partly because she always had long term boyfriends.
• so, this happened a few months ago at a party in Vainona, Zimbabwe..
• Her sister held a party and Yours Truly Sugar Dick Dupree was invited..
• Faith was there and we sorta spoke but I couldn't really get into deep conversations with her because her man was around..
• But as the night went by, the boyfriend started neglecting her and paid more attention to his friends plus he had become very drunk..
• so I moved in for the kill..
• Faith and I talked and flirted..
• then she invited me to follow her to her room..Actually, she instructed me to follow her to her room after 10 minutes.. Ten minutes later, when nobody was looking, I slipped to her room, ninja style.

>>>> Position Of The Day: Laying Cowgirl <<<<

I got to her room and knocked on the door. I must have knocked twice before she opened it. She opened and she pulled me inside, quickly locked the door and marched me to the bed. I thought we were just going to kiss, touch and then sneak back to the party but she had other ideas. When we got near the edge of the bed, she spun me around to face her and planted a wet, hard kiss on my lips. She told me she was going to do things she'd always wanted to do to me. She said, "I want you inside me now". I was kinda shocked but not surprised. She then lifted my shirt, started licking and sucking my nipples whilst unzipping my jeans. She was going crazy!!

In no time, my jeans dropped to the ground and out jumped my dick, already hard and she immediately started stroking it. She pushed me on the bed, removed my shoes,socks and then pulled off my jeans..
• she then pulled her skirt up, removed her pants, removed her bra and then looked at me..
• as she looked at me, I started stroking my dick and looking back at her..
• I then spread my legs apart so that she could have a good look at my big balls that hangs low..
• I could see that it was turning her on..
• she started playing with her pussy, even fingering it. It seemed like the faster I stroked my dick, the more it turned her on..
• she then sat on my thighs -really close to my dick- with her legs spread wide. She spread apart her pussy lips, exposed her clit and told me to spank it with my dick..
• after a few seconds of clit spanking, she spat on her fingers, wiped the spit on my dick, grabbed the base of my dick then guided it into her pussy..
• it slid in easily because her pussy was quite wet, and in no time, she was bouncing up and down my dick..
• she placed her hands on my neck and started riding me..
• she started making noises so I had to cover her mouth with my hand to muffle the noises..
• she started riding me fast..
• I held her, kissed her and started fucking back..
• she'd punch the bed and pull the bed linen..
• we banged each other for a good three minutes and I made her cum twice..
• I was so horny and I knew I wouldn't last long because her pussy was slippery wet, plus her short rapid breathing was such a huge turn on AND the way she passionately fucked me was too much for me to hold in my cum..
• and sure enough, I didn't last long..
• I told her I was going to cum and she was like, "shoot every drop inside me"..
• she then started cumming, that 'tssst tssst tssst' sound as her squirt escaped from her pussy was too much for me..
• I ejaculated and emptied every drop of my cum in her pussy..
• we instantly both fell asleep and woke up 15 minutes later..with my dick still inside her. When we woke up, we carried from where we left off and we fucked each other into early morning. I sneaked out of her room and quickly left the party around 1:30am and walked to my house.

We linked up later the next day and she spent the entire weekend at my house where the fucking continued.



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