Sugar Dick Dupree hacks into an ex's online diary and reads the shit she wrote about her last encounter with Yours Truly SDD. I used to fuck her brains out.

She was Nigerian and had a boyfriend. She would lie to him about working night shifts but would spend all night getting fucked at my house and then leave at 6am in the morning. Lol

Here goes..

<<<<  Confessions In My Inbox  >>>>

You texted me:You want some 🍆🍆🍆 💦 tonight? I sent back am immediate:🤤🤤💦💦 yes sir, and instantly I knew this was gonna be a good day! I desperately needed dick. I texted you that night telling you I was on my way to your house so you knew to get showered and put something sexy on for me, and told you that when I get there and you open the door, I will open my coat for you to see that all I have on underneath. I put on some all black lingerie and your favorite perfume.

I arrive at your house and I see you put on my favorite perfume tonight, that sexy ass tight t-shirt and clean boxers to match. They look so good on you hugging all your muscles with that big dick almost popping out of your boxers.

You grab my hand, pull me into the house and it’s smelling good. You have the scented candles burning and some soft R&B music playing. While you’re walking me inside the house I can’t help but stare at all that muscular body and imagine that big dick inside me. I look at your tight ass and I give it a nice smack cus I love that shit, and then you turn back and you smile. I'm already horny, literally on fire. I grab your waist, stop you, pull you towards me and and start to kiss your muscular back. I kiss my way down your spine then I come back up to your neck and whisper bend me and fuck me right NOW. I’ve been waiting all day for this and I’m not waiting any longer.

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Now that you got me face down ass up, you slide your dick inside me and start to build a rhythm. I'm already dropping wet with my pussy juices dripping down my thighs. You tell me that you got excited thinking about me coming over, and that your dick wouldn't stop throbbing. You fuck me slow and deep. Long strokes. You rub my clit to make me even wetter. You pull my back towards you and start kissing the back of my neck.

I can tell how bad you want it because you are breathing heavy. It's so sexy. You build up a fast pace and continue to fuck me. I cannot hear ther music anymore. All I hear is the PA PA PA as our bodies slap against each other.
My leg is starting to tremble and I know I'm gonna cum. You fuck me faster and have my whole body shaking. Your big dick feels so warm, so slippery and it fills up my pussy. You nibble my neck. Shit, that's it. I start cumming. You hold me up to keep me from collapsing because my knees got so weak.

You take me to the bedroom and spread my legs wide, and there's cream everywhere. You slide your big dick in me, so fast and my eyes roll. You start fucking the shit out of me. I feel your big balls slapping against my arsehole. This shit has got me into overdrive and I start cumming. I pull you and we start kissing, passionately. You’re moaning so loud. I'm moaning so loud too. The whole bed is shaking as you bang me faster. My boobs are flying in all directions and you're calling me your bitch. I pull you towards me and you lie on top of me. I grab your butt, hard, and tell you to ejaculate inside me. I want you to fill my pussy with your cum. I want to feel it shoot inside me and I want every drop. Shit!

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